As a measure of how important education is to DeRay Cole, he has created the DeRay Cole Family Award Scholarship Endowment Fund.  Please consider donating.

The endowment fund is used to provide scholarships for first-generation students who are rising freshmen, majoring in business at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff - DeRay Cole's alma mater.  Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee.  The committee is comprised of the Cole family members and university business faculty.  To apply for a scholarship, email DeRay Cole.  The committee will need a range of information from you should you seek a scholarship that will be provided once you contact Mr. Cole.  Some of the information you'll need to provide will include grade point averages, need and community involvement.


Donations are accepted. The DeRay Cole Family Endowment fund is administered by the University, a 501(c)(3) and donations are tax-deductible. UAPB, Office Of Alumni Affairs, 1200 N University Slot 4929, Pine Bluff, AR 71601


__ Check (made payable to UAPB Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund, DeRay Cole Family Award)



school1DeRay Cole's early education is recounted in his book, MaMa Um Sweatin which he attributes the support he received from his grandmother as being pivotal in his obtaining his education.  He is a native of Arkansas which is where he finished his early schooling.  He went on to get his BS Degree from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. DeRay Cole then completed a Masters’ Degree from Washington State University.

DeRay works with non-profits, churches and the corporate world, and is an invited speaker.  His powerful story - and the impact he has had as a school administrator - provides inspiration to the audiences who hear him.  Contact DeRay to make a booking.

100 2983Mama Um Sweatin' has been used as an inspirational teaching text in a number of churches.  DeRay Cole has been invited to speak before congregations on how the values he was taught as a small boy still have relevance today.  If you want to invite him to your church, contact him.

DeRay Cole is an Ordained Deacon of Triumph Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shown here. While living in Pennsylvania, where he was a member at the church, he was also Chairman of the Deacon Board.  The church is at 1293 Mt. Nebo Rd. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 412-630-8204 and Rev. Craig Giles, is Senior Pastor.

While living in Ohio, DeRay was a member of Peoples Baptist Church and served as Chairman of the Trustee Board, The church is at 701 17th Street South East Canton, Ohio 4470 330-456-9769. The Rev. Dr. Walter Arrington, Senior Pastor








20151015 122722Many non-profits serve as an avenue to uplift the disenfranchised.  Mama Um Sweatin' and DeRay's story serves as an example of transformation.  DeRay has been invited to speak at non-profits and his book is being used as a story of hope and a blueprint for personal change by non-profits across the country.

DeRay is also the founder of the Expo Cultural Center in Rowland, North Carolina.  The Center is a Non-Profit Corporation comprising of 5,000 sq. ft. of space that houses AIR Club, Arts in Rowland Gallery.

Its mission is to expose cultural arts to the public, provide a gallery for artists to exhibit and sell their works, promote art education, nuture student's artistic talents, and provide rich cultural experiences to the Rowland, NC Community. It's telephone number is 910-316-0143. DeRay remains as the Executive Director.



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