20151015 122722Many non-profits serve as an avenue to uplift the disenfranchised.  Mama Um Sweatin' and DeRay's story serves as an example of transformation.  DeRay has been invited to speak at non-profits and his book is being used as a story of hope and a blueprint for personal change by non-profits across the country.

DeRay is also the founder of the Expo Cultural Center in Rowland, North Carolina.  The Center is a Non-Profit Corporation comprising of 5,000 sq. ft. of space that houses AIR Club, Arts in Rowland Gallery.

Its mission is to expose cultural arts to the public, provide a gallery for artists to exhibit and sell their works, promote art education, nuture student's artistic talents, and provide rich cultural experiences to the Rowland, NC Community. It's telephone number is 910-316-0143. DeRay remains as the Executive Director.