KamalaHarrisBlackHistoryMonthBlack history month is celebrated in February in the United States. It is the month that coincides with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and from it’s early start back in the mid 1920’s, it has had a focus on the teaching of the history of black Americans in the nation. So it is perhaps fitting that in the year that the United States has elected its first black vice President, Kamala Harris, that we look back to strong women in our past and I am reminded of my grandmother, Ma Ma, who endured so much.

One story that comes to mind when I think back about growing up with her is when I offered her any of my six awards to keep.  Ma Ma selected my perfect attendance award as the one she wanted.

She said that if I had not been in class everyday I would not had gotten the other awards, so that one had the most value to her.  "You have to be present to make change", she said.

You can read her story in Ma Ma, Um Sweatin and buy the book on Amazon.